Luna & Moon

Founded by two friends, Caroline and Melissa, Luna & Moon is a Singapore clothing label for children aged one to six years old. Mothers to five children amongst us, we seek to dress our own children in clothes that are affordable, beautifully designed, and most importantly, comfortable.

The idea of Luna and Moon came about because both of us felt that there was a lack of good quality, stylish yet affordable children’s wear in Singapore. As such, we embarked on a journey to create various pieces of clothing for our own children and have since decided to make these pieces available to other mothers.

Luna and Moon is inspired by a mix of classic designs with a modern twist. Each style has been thoughtfully designed to ensure the best comfort for little ones with quality fabric for our warm tropical climate. Each piece speaks of a certain character. We believe that the children who wear our Luna and Moon pieces will enjoy wearing them in these carefree years of theirs.

We hope you will allow us to bring you on our journey to discover the beautiful quality pieces which we have so lovingly and painstakingly created for our own children.

Caroline & Melissa xx